Best Free Indexing Tools for pSEO

When you publish new pages, it can take search engines like Google weeks to index your pages and add them to search results. Indexing tools speed this process up considerably, getting your pages to rank faster.


IndexNow is a protocol used to keep search engines informed about the latest changes on a website. It allows website owners to automatically submit their site's content to search engines for crawling and indexing. The protocol is supported by various search engines and offers detailed documentation for webmasters on its implementation.


  1. Instant content update notification to search engines.
  2. Reduces the time search engines take to discover changes.
  3. Prioritizes crawl for updated URLs.
  4. Supported by major search engines Microsoft Bing and Yandex.
  5. Offered under a Creative Commons License.


  1. Limited support from Google.
  2. Requires manual pinging for content updates.
  3. Does not guarantee immediate indexing.
  4. Relies on search engines' cooperation for full effectiveness.
  5. Some technical knowledge required for configuration.


Plug your website in seconds, index unlimited pages and rank high on Google, Bing, Yandex and Naver. Then, analyze your traffic, follow keywords positions and find opportunities
Per Month


  1. One-click indexing for immediate results.
  2. Supports multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Naver).
  3. Automatic sitemap parsing for easy page indexing.
  4. Offers precise keyword position tracking.
  5. Simplified analytics for better traffic understanding.


  1. Limited pages/day for free and beginner plans.
  2. Depends on search engine cooperation for indexing.
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Best Free pSEO Tools

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