What is programmatic SEO?

The hidden alchemy of SERP.

Understanding the Power of pSEO

Programmatic SEO, or pSEO, is a revolutionary approach that combines cutting-edge technology with traditional SEO strategies. Unlike traditional SEO, which requires manual intervention and constant monitoring, pSEO utilises automation tools to streamline the deployment of keyword-rich webpages to deliver faster, more effective results.

How It Works

In the past, pSEO required programming skills and tools that were out of reach for all but the largest companies. With Findable, the magic of pSEO is made available to anyone with our no-code templates and comprehensive tutorials.


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Identify your head terms

Head terms are the base of your programmatic strategy. Free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner (and even autofill in the Google search bar) can help you figure out what people are looking for.


Set up your database

Link your Airtable to existing databases or plug in AI to do some writing—the more rows you fill, the more pages you’ll get.


Connect your CMS

Use Findable’s automations to link your database to your website’s CMS and watch as they generate automatically.

Why should I use Findable?

Findable lets you tap into the power of pSEO with pre-built tools, templates, automations, and tutorials. Once you’re set up, you can start deploying as many pages as needed targeting long-tail keywords at the click of a button.

Increase organic traffic by deploying pages dedicated to targeting long-tail keywords.

Spread your net wide and stay ahead of your competition.

Improve your overall SEO through increased domain authority.

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